TEDxSanaa Speakers 2014

Marco Levadiotti

Founder of the Arabic Heritage Company

Mohammad Almaitami

Economy Lecturer at Sanaa University

Zakaria AlKainai

BSc in IT

Laila AlHebshi

Director of Building Skills Center for development

Anisa Abbas

MA in Fine Arts (Ballet Master), Moscow

TEDxSanaa Surprise Guest

Abdulrahman AlJameli

Student, Faculty of Information, Sanaa University

Ahmed AlMaqhafi

BSc in Laws, Sanaa University

Mohammad AlJabli

BSc in Engineering, Sanaa University

Ayoob AlMuhab

PHD in Remote Sensing, Faculty of Engineering and Geographic Information

Fatima Bin Jalal

Documentaries Director

Basheer Zendal

PHD in Audio-visualtranslation

Fathi Abdulwase

Business Man

Nadia AlSaqaf

Expert in media and human rights with special focus on gender and development in Yemen

Rashad Alkamisi

Student, Computer Science