About TEDxSanaa

TedxSanaa is an independently organized convention in Sana’a, Yemen, authorized by Ted. It is an annual event with a main goal of spreading ideas that are worth spreading in all possible fields (Literature, Art, Technology, Design, Culture, Applicable Science, … etc). It first took place in 2012 in Sana’a, Yemen. Then the second convention followed in 2013 and was a huge success. It got a lot of praise from different entities inside and out of the country. Some of our talks were highly ranked in the international Ted website as the number of viewers increased due to recognizing the ideas as worthy of spreading. Moreover, the hits on the TedxSanaa Youtube channel were more than 2 million. The convention is held live to share inspirational ideas and unique experience through the speakers directly. Also, all talks are recorded for those who are interested in watching them later on the TedxSanaa Youtube channel.

What is Tedx?

Verifying Ted’s official logo “ideas worth spreading,” the Ted founders started Tedx as an initiative to convey the Ted experience around the world. It gives special permits for the organizers worldwide so they can hold local conventions that are independently organized to achieve Ted’s main goal introducing ideas worth spreading. For more information, visit Ted’s official website at www.ted.com/tedx or the main page at www.ted.com .


TEDxSanaa  2014 Theme

"Stand right for what is right, even you are standing a lone "

How many social behaviors became normal to the society because everybody went with it with no criticizing although it’s wrong?

How many mistakes are serenely repeated every single day because it became so common that no one condemns it?

How is it that humans, who were merited by Allah with thinking and reasoning, become machines because of group dominion even with a faulty reasoning?

We need to correct the wrong concepts and replace them with much proper ones to enhance the value of our brains and go along a new path away from mimicking others when they are mistaken and fixate on the right path even if we stand alone. If you ever see a flaw in front of you, don’t go with it just because everybody is, stand up for yourself and choose the right path with no dispute.